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I’m a proud native of Stoke-on-Trent who graduated in French from the University of Nottingham. My love of music is a close second to that of French history and language.

Over the years I’ve played keyboards and bass guitar in every sort of band – jazz, rock, folk, big band. I believe that playing music on a stage is the same as speaking a language – both are forms of communication.

I was editor of the weekly college paper and, trust me, writing a one-page article is far easier than a full-length novel. I was Head of Modern Languages and a GCSE examiner in my teaching career. So, I became a novelist by accident, in that an author friend challenged me to produce a book within twelve months.

I accepted his challenge and also had it published by Next Chapter – I’m currently working on number five!

If you are a budding author, be advised that writing is a bug that, once caught, will dominate your life!

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John Bentley has set out on a remarkable literary odyssey. Owing to his unique combination of writing talent and preparation over years of French teaching, his interest in medieval French history has combined to offer his readership fascinating insights.

He might not see himself as an amateur psychologist, but his main characters are so human in their triumphs and failings that they remain firmly in the memory. Add to that a supreme mastery of English grammar and vocabulary and you have a writer who deserves the widest possible exposure.

– John Broughton

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